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Brushing your teeth alone is not enough. The gaps should be cleaned with dental floss once a day. The fluffy, but still super strong dental floss from edel+white has a swelling Superfloss technology, which cleans the teeth very thoroughly.

The advantages of edel+white Superfloss dental floss

The silk can be easily threaded into the interdental space under tension. Here it puffs up optimally to fill the space between the teeth and thus develop a full cleaning effect. It also becomes softer, which protects the gums. Thanks to the puffing up, the silk is also perfect for larger interdental spaces. With increasing age, these widen, whereby the fluffy dental floss helps. It is also the ideal choice for people who suffer from periodontal disease. Plaque is reduced by up to 70%. The product is also suitable for the care of implants or bridges. It also offers the advantage of being waxed and having a fresh mint flavor.

Benefits at a glance:

  • During cleaning, the floss expands, with the increased surface activity leading to better cleaning results.
  • Plaque is reduced by up to 70 percent (much better than other dental flosses)
  • Thanks to the puffing, the gums are protected.
  • Also ideal for wide interdental spaces
  • Bridges and implants can be maintained.

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