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With the Miradont gel, an innovative path in the field of wound care is being taken that goes beyond conventional conventional medical methods.
Essential properties can be summarized as follows:

For pain relief at:
Aphthae and lichen
Herpetic lesions
Prosthesis pressure points

After dental treatments:

Implant care:
To shorten the healing times

Miradont Gel
With Miradont-Gel there is a symbiosis of the body's own trace elements, micronutrients and vitamins as well as plant substances.
Inflammation leads to an undersupply of micronutrients and vitamins.
By applying Miradont gel to these sites, the substances are placed directly locally and the concentrations lacking in the body are compensated.
The bacteria are inhibited by the targeted addition of trace elements, e.g. B. Zinc, which occupies the surfaces of the cells with their electrical charges in such a way that penetration of the bacteria into the cell openings and cell membranes is prevented.
Through this interaction, the replacement of micronutrients and the physical blockade of the cells against bacteria, the body can quickly fight the inflammation with its own strength.

Minerals: magnesium lactate, copper gluconate, zinc lactateVitamins: vitamin A (retinol, caratinoids), vitamin E (tocopherol), vitamin C (ascorbic acid), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B3, also called PP (nicotinic acid amide or niacin), vitamin B5 (Phantothenic acid)Plant active ingredients: Geum rivale (brook avens), Eugenia caryophyllata (clove), Sambucus nigra (black elderberry), Rosa gallica (red rose), Vitis vinifera (red wine), Ribes nigrum (black currant), Angelica archangelica ( Angelica or Nipplewort), Oenothera biennis (evening primrose)

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