Vitis Sonic replacement brushes gingival extra soft 2-pack

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  • Blister pack with 2 brush heads
  • Monotip range: designed to break up the most stubborn oral biofilm (bacterial plaque).
  • Maximum removal of bacterial plaque while protecting teeth and gums
  • High-quality Tynex bristles with rounded ends to effectively remove oral biofilm while protecting teeth and gums.
  • Air-permeable protective cap for quick drying and protection against bacterial colonization.
  • Small brush head for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.
  • Diamond shape shows its advantages during tooth brushing and in the cleaning results: The rounded and narrow end also reaches hard-to-reach areas further back in the mouth and thanks to its rounded shape prevents injuries.
  • Suitable for people with sensitive gums, signs of inflammation and anyone who prefers a gentler tooth cleaning.
  • For thorough cleaning without damaging the gums and an absolutely soft feeling.

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