Vitis whitening 2in1 care set toothpaste + mouthwash

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The set consists of VITIS whitening toothpaste and VITIS whitening mouthwash with a bleaching effect for white teeth.

VITIS whitening mouthwash 500 ml:

  • For daily use
  • Remove stains from the enamel surface and prevent their formation
  • Protect and remineralize tooth enamel; prevent tooth decay
  • Delay or prevent the formation of tartar, i.e. the crystallization of bacterial plaque
  • Polish and smoothen tooth enamel without attacking it (toothpaste)
  • Repair tooth enamel
  • The tooth surface becomes smoother and brighter
  • Restore teeth to their natural shine
  • Seal irregular tooth surfaces
  • Form a protective layer that prevents sensitive teeth
  • Alcohol-free

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